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All Season Workhorse - Snow Shovel

$ 26.99

Our All Season Workhorse Snow Shovel is strong, durable and easy to use. Many features have been incorporated into our shovel to give you long-lasting benefits.

Our snow shovel has an oversized head for picking-up large quantities of material. It's multi-ribbed base allows for lifting heavy loads and it's single-piece construction large curved edges will keep your material where you want it - on the head. There is no metal strip on the working edge to rust, bent, dent or break.

US Discount Products snow shovel handles are made of strong, thick, polished wood that make it light, easy to use and strong.

Our snow shovels come with a comfortable, wide, smooth plastic nylon handle that fits your hand minimizing fatigue and blisters. Allowing you and your team to get the job done.

These shovels can be used for other purposes such as spreading mulch, wood chips, sand and a variety of other materials. This shovels is not intended for digging or use in extremely high heat conditions such as coal and blast furnaces.

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