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Delivery Information

US Discount Products, LLC ships all of its products via well-established regular carries. Use of a specific carriers will depend upon the size, quantity and weight of your shipment. Shipments that reach the half to full container size require special trucking consideration and payment terms. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific needs.

Most orders ship the same day from our warehouse via United Parcel Service. All orders employ computer tracking so you can track your order online. Orders ship in high quality, certified and approved cardboard boxes. If required, filler material such as foam peanuts is used to prevent product damage. Odd-sized items may be wrapped in bubble wrap or other protective materials. US Discount Products makes available all shipping options currently available from UPS.

If your product appears damaged upon receipt, please notify the shipper immediately. All products leaving US Discount Products warehouses are inspected prior to packing. Orders ready for shipment are packed according to carrier requirements and regulations and inspected prior to shipping. Please let us know if you have any problems. Our world-class customer care team is here to make sure your problem is resolved to your satisfaction.