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Uses of Fiberglass Stakes

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  • Plow stakes, also known as plow poles or snow markers - this will make the property line visible to the plow driver.
  • Driveway markers - Use the reflective fiberglass snow markers as the outline to your driveway.
  • Tomato stakes, also known as tomato poles - Use these durable fiberglass snow stakes to hold your tomatos.
  • Seedling training poles - Help that freshly planted tree fight through various weather conditions with snow poles.
  • Small Tree Stakes - Trying to plant a new tree that needs support? Use durable snow stakes to hold up that new tree of yours! And most important of all you can choose a length of your Stakes.
  • Rebound Snow Stakes - Put these in the beginning of your property or driveway to ensure protection to your car = NO SCRATCHES.
  • Engineering stakes - Trying to plan out a site? Use these as your site markers!
  • Landscape Markers - Have a property line that you want to make clear? Use your reflective snow poles to do so! This makes it easy to see even in the dark! Maybe, you might have sprinklers that you want to point out use your snow markers to mark the spot!
  • Sports Markers - About to play some sport with your friends? Mark the end of your volleyball court, soccer field, golf course, etc so there is no debating the out of bounds! Sorry, to those who like to cheat!
  • Path Markers - Mark out a path for people to walk for outdoor trails! Maybe you might be in the great outdoors in nature and want to point out paths to specific scenes. Use the different colors of snow stakes to that advantage!
  • Golf Alignment Sticks - Golf Professionals from PGA and beyond have purchased Snow Stakes to use for the alignment of their swing and also to assist in instruction of golf to those learning from them at clincs.

If you have any other uses for these Plow Stakes, please contact us at

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