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Uses for Fiberglass Snowstakes

Fiberglass #SnowStakes are made to last in any snow, or any weather change. Our snow stakes are of the highest quality and are great for other purposes such as driveway markers, land and survey marking, walk-way and crowd control, landscaping and more. Our snow stakes come in four colors, orange,yellow, green and blue, although our orange snow stakes are the most popular. Available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths, our US Discount Products snow stakes ship via UPS within 24 hours and arrive within days of your order. Make sure to buy the rubber mallet to ensure protection of your fiberglass stake.

Don't experience high-cost property damage and don't be fooled by low-cost imitations. Use US Discount Products snow stakes to mark off your property perimeter. Get ready for winter months by marking your driveway, streets, sidewalks and anywhere damage can occur or path visibility is need. Order extra and let us know of new ways you found to use our quality snow stakes.

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