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Snow Stakes Online offers flexible, reflective fiberglass snow markers. Green tree stakes, blue snow plow stakes, orange grade stakes, & black driveway markers. 

Cheap snow stakes have caps that rust and square bottoms. Our snow stakes have beveled ends for easy ground penetration, a non-rusting protective cap and  6 inches of highly reflective tape for increased visibilty during the day and night.

Don't experience high-cost property damage and don't be fooled by low-cost imitations. Use snow markers to mark off your property perimeter. Get ready for winter months by marking your driveway, streets, sidewalks and anywhere damage can occur or path visibility is need. 

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Snow Stakes - Snow Markers

Fiberglass Snow Stakes are critical to the safe and effective operation of your snow plow business. One errant turn of your heavy-duty equipment could cost you a customer, thousands of dollars or worse, a personal injury. Make sure you clearly mark your plowable area with quality snow stakes and snow poles from There are plenty of cheap imitation snow poles on the market that are thinner, less flexible and not made to withstand the harsh cold. Our snow stakes and snow poles are guaranteed to handle your tough conditions. Need some help with spreading salt? Check out our all-purpose spreader! Don't spend good money on bad snow poles - buy quality snow stakes and snow markers from

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