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snowstakes can be installed in frozen ground using a rubber mallet or gently using a hammer

Do you have your snow stakes in the ground yet? Even with the ground frozen we were still able to install some at the warehouse by simply using a rubber mallet to gently pound them in.We sell rubber mallets as well as shovels, saltspreaders and of course snow stakes available in yellow, orange, green and blue. check us out at

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Weather forecast for Saturday

If you don’t have a shovel, you might want to get one for the snowfall predicted for Massachusetts this weekend.

The National Weather Service in Massachusetts said Friday that confidence is increasing that southern New England will experience “a moderate snow event” starting Saturday morning through early Sunday.

Forecasters have issued a winter weather advisory for the region, excluding the Cape and the Islands. The meteorologists said confidence is high that between 3 and 6 inches of snow will accumulate across most of the region, with “a low risk for isolated 7 to 8 inches” northwest of the Boston to Providence corridor.

In its Friday morning updates to the snowfall maps highlighting the expected, high end, and low end accumulation estimates, the weather service is forecasting Boston is likely to see 6 inches, but it could see an inch more on the high end and three on the low side.  


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Why use fiberglass snowstakes

The benefits of using fiberglass snow markers instead of wood are endless. The reflective tape on the snow stake makes them a great investment. The installation process of the snow markers is where you really save your money. No more wooden stakes that are painted orange and can cause damage to your car or plow.

it’s very simple to install snow posts.If the ground is still warm, it is as simple at striking them into the ground, no prep and no tool, is needed. The snow stakes just push into the ground its simple.

If the ground isalready frozen, it can be a little more difficult to install your driveway markers. A tool can come in handy here, like a rubber mallet which we also sell.

As always any questions or help with placing you order, feel free to contact us at or 877.841.5782
We welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have!


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Snow in the forecast

Salt spreaders and shovels are starting to fly out the door! Get yours while we still have them in stock. Don't forget your snowstakes . Our snow poles are quality fiberglass stakes in various sizes and colors. or 877.841.5782


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Dont forget our multi use salt spreaders

We at dont just sell snow stakes we sell shovels and All Season salt speaders Use them in the winter to spread salt or sand on icy surfaces. In the summer use them as seed spreaders and much more. US Discount Products is more then just snow stakes we are a company selling multi use products to make things easier throughout the winter!

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